What You Can Do If Your Dog Is Having A Seizure

Seizures can be scary whether it's a human having one or your family pet. If a human is having one you would normally call 9-1-1, but this isn't an option for your pet. You'll need to care for your pet while he is going through his seizure. After his seizure, you can call your veterinarian to let them know it occurred. While your dog is having his seizure there are things you can do to help make him more comfortable. Read on for some helpful tips.

Be Sure Your Dog Is Safe

Get your dog to a safe area or make the area safer for your dog. Keep him away from stairs or anywhere he can fall if he is seizing near a stairway or on a patio/deck. Also remove anything nearby that he may hit his head on or injure any other part of his body if he is having a full body seizure (grand mal seizure).

Clear The Room

If you have small children or other pets, your dog may become scared while seizing or the other pet may become frightened and either pet could bite. Clear the room to keep your seizing pet safe, as well as your children and other pets safe. 

Remain Quiet

Sounds may cause your dog to become frightened or may cause your dog to try and get up while seizing, which can result in an injury to your dog. Be sure the room remains quiet, turning down the television and keeping anyone in the room quiet to keep your dog calm.

Apply A Cold Compress

If your dog is having a grand mal seizure, his body temperature is going to rise and he may be breathing very heavily. Apply a cold compress to the pads of your dog's paws to help keep him cool. You can use a bag of frozen vegetables or a cold pack, either will work fine. Apply it to his paws to lower his body temperature.

Give CBD Oil

If you suspect your dog is going into a seizure, or even if it's just a focal seizure (which only affects a small part of the body such as a leg), you can give your dog a few drops of CBD oil to ease the symptoms of the seizure. The amount you give to your dog will depend on the size of your dog. Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions for an exact dosage amount, or you can talk to your veterinarian about dosage.

If your dog is having a seizure, keep him calm and keep the room quiet to prevent him from becoming frightened or injuring himself. Keep track of the seizures and call your veterinarian about the seizures to get your dog started on a treatment plan if necessary.