Boarding Your Pet? Here's Why Doing It At The Vet Is Best

Leaving for a trip typically means finding someone to care for your pets. If you're inclined to board your pets, you should know that doing so at a vet's office is the best idea. Even though there are many pet boarding facilities that aren't connected to a veterinarian's office, here's the three reasons why the vet's office beats them.

They Have Your Pet's Records

If you take your pet to be boarded at your vet's office, you're working with staffers (and the vet) who already know your pet. They have access to your pet's medical records and can be trusted to care for your pet and ensure that they're healthy and happy while they're with them. Pet boarders, on the other hand, typically only get to start getting to know a pet once they've been dropped off.

Available Medical Care

When pets get sick while boarded, it can be a problem. Most boarding facilities will ask you to sign some paperwork allowing them to take your pet to a vet if it's needed. However, staff aren't available around the clock in standard boarding facilities. At night, the pets are left alone in their kennels. This not only means that your pet's illness will likely be detected later, but it will also mean that your pet won't have full support if they become ill while boarded.

With a vet, you can ensure that your pet is going to get top of the line veterinary care should anything happen to them. If your pet gets sick, they'll be taken care of on-site by the vet you trust the most.

Your Pet Already Has Familiarity

Lastly, it's helpful to your pet to be familiar with your vet and their staffers, too. Leaving behind a pet at a boarding facility can make your pet feel homesick for you, but it helps if they're surrounded by people and things that they know. The times you've taken your pet to the vet and had them cared for will ensure that they recognize the sight and smells of those people while they're being boarded. It may help them to feel more at ease and safe, which will make their boarding experience more pleasant than being left at a standard boarding facility.

The very best way to keep your pets safe while you're away from home is to board them with a veterinarian. If you're trying to decide between boarding facilities, look no further than your local vet. Your pet will thank you for it and you'll be able to rest easy knowing that they're safe and well taken care of.