Have You Adopted A Shelter Dog? Tips For Settling In

Have you always owned dogs? If so, you probably already know that your new shelter dog will become part of the family. If you are new to pet ownership, prepare to fall deeply in love. If you're new at the game, from establishing a home routine to finding a vet, here are some ideas that might help you as you settle in with your new shelter dog.

Find Out What Happened First: Try to get as much information as you can from the shelter where your dog was adopted. If the dog was abused or neglected in the past, you will probably be told to give him or her some space, time to get to know you, and time to feel safe in his or her new surroundings. If you have children, think about asking them to be very patient. They will probably want to play with their new pet at first, but the dog may not be ready. As soon as the shelter dog realizes that he or she will be getting regular meals and will be treated gently, he or she will more than likely fall in love with every single one of the people in your family. Put off teaching tricks for awhile, too. Once the dog is familiar with each of you and once he or she knows that he or she will be loved, you might find that you very well might be able to teach even an older dog new tricks.

Find A Veterinarian: Since the dog was at a shelter, it is probable that he or she already has all of the shots that he or she needs. It might still be a really good idea for you to take the shelter dog to a veterinarian or animal hospital, just so he or she can assess the dog's health. The veterinarian will more than likely check the dog's teeth and might even advise you to have the dog's teeth cleaned. That might cost a bit of extra money, but it will also be a large factor in your dog's overall health. Plus, he or she will then probably have sweeter smelling breath. While you're at the veterinarian's office, think about asking him or her how often you should bring the dog in for well-checkups and for teeth cleaning. Also, find out the food and treats that will be best for your dog. For example, if he or she is an older animal, a dog food for mature dogs will probably be recommended.