Subtle Signs Your Cat Needs Dental Work

If your cat seems unable to chew, or if you can see that they have lost a tooth, then of course you're going to take them to the cat dentist. But sometimes, dental problems in cats are not as obvious as you'd think. As a cat owner, you should also be watching for these more subtle signs your cat needs to see a veterinary dental specialist. Rubbing their mouth on things.

Six Things To Remember About Veterinary Treatment For A New Pet

It's important to start focusing on the health of a new pet immediately by making sure that your pet gets needed veterinary care from a young age. The following are six things to remember about veterinary treatment for a new pet.  Preventive care is essential It's always best to avoid veterinary health issues with preventive care rather than seeking treatment for veterinary health problems after they've already developed.  Focus on preventive treatment, including vaccinations and deworming.

Should You Be Concerned if Your Dog Is Vomiting?

When your pooch vomits (hopefully while outdoors), it's not necessarily a huge cause for concern. Of course, the frequency of vomit, along with the nature of vomit your dog has produced, can signify a problem. Read on to learn more about how to know when vomiting is no longer a casual symptom to ignore.  Your Dog's Behaviour Noting your dog's behavior before and after they vomit can be helpful in assessing the situation.