Be Alert for These Signs That Your Rabbit Has a Hairball

Like many other animals, rabbits spend a lot of time grooming themselves. Frequent licking can cause them to consume their own hair, which can be problematic if it occurs in large amounts. This is because rabbits aren't capable of vomiting. Whereas a cat can throw up if it consumes too much of its own hair, a rabbit doesn't have this ability. When the animal has too much hair in its digestive system, medical intervention will be required.

Pica In Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions

From your flower garden to your child's toy box, your curious dog has always chewed on or even consumed items they should have not. However, did you know that if your dog compulsively eats items that are not food, it could actually be the sign of a more serious problem? Pica is a condition that is common in dogs and if your dog suffers from this condition, you need to seek veterinary assistance right away.